Male Domestic Violence

Scott Churchson

Scott Churchson, a Hollywood actor, was abused by his wife. Now divorced, he shares with us how she abused him and why he didn’t leave right away. Everyone is familiar with domestic violence upon a female, but male DV is not widely spoken about. Scott openly discusses the issue and how his life has changed in a positive way.

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Domestic Violence


Judy Shine Logan worked in the Psychiatry unit in a community hospital and witnessed horrific examples of domestic violence involving children and women. Judy’s passion is in educating others about domestic violence and its consequences. She also wrote the book, Shelter Me, a fictional book showing the true struggles of domestic violence. Listen to Tami and Judy discuss not only victims of domestic violence, but the perpetrators of such acts.

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Foster Care and Human Trafficking


The foster care system has hundreds of thousands of children. That equates to hundreds of thousands of children who likely feel rejected and may have been abused at some point. What is the reality of their future? How many give up on life, become homeless and unfortunately fall into trafficking? Listen to John DeGarmo, a motivational speaker and expert on foster care and human trafficking. John shares his knowledge with us and how we can help youth who may have no where to go.

John is a motivational speaker and expert on foster care, parenting, and human trafficking.

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Overcoming Poverty and Abuse



Rustie MacDonald has been through many obstacles. Her life began in poverty after her mother, a teenager herself, ran away with Rustie. Living on the streets and eating scraps was Rustie’s early life. At an early age, she was sexually abused. All of this set Rustie up for a painful marriage and health issues later. Here Rustie shares with us her difficult times and how she’s overcome such adversity.

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