From Trauma to Coaching


Cindy Holbrook experienced a traumatic childhood that included physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by her father. She escaped from her home into marriage at a young age only to experience a continuation of abuse. After choosing to leave and coming to understand her level of control over her own life, she started making changes. Now in a much better place, she assists others in their journey to heal.

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Former Model Turned Life Coach and Author

Former Model Turned Life Coach and Author

Mal Duane was a successful model enjoying traveling, work, and glamorous events. Inside, however, she was a struggling alcoholic, having used alcohol since her teen years.
She finally decided that she needed to be in control, rather than her past. This led her on a path of self-discovery and change.
Mal built up a multi-million dollar business in real estate after leaving modeling and now coaches others how to change their state of reality.
Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power teaches others how to move beyond their self-limiting beliefs and perceptions.

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Bloodlines of the Universe


Bloodlines of the Universe

Hossca Harrison ( joins us discussing the difference between the mind and the brain and how the brain is very connected to ancestors. How does this interfere with healing anger, judgment, and phobias (to name a few)? How can one work with this? It’s also connected to the Bloodlines of the Universe. Hossca shares with us a few points of what will be taught at the Denver, Colorado Jonah Intensive May 2017. Listen for more fascinating information!

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Vaccination Injury


Tami Goldstein’s daughter was born a healthy baby. The day her daughter received the first vaccination was problematic in multiple ways. She sought the advice of pediatricians who laughed off her concerns. After the second vaccination, her daughter worsened even more to the point of having 40 seizures a day. Her daughter was eventually diagnosed with Aspergers, high functioning autism. Tami researched her daughter’s health concerns, spoke with the medical community, and accessed alternative treatment that has created amazing results. She now educates other parents on vaccine concerns and alternative treatments. Listen to Tami’s story here!

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Male Domestic Violence

Scott Churchson

Scott Churchson, a Hollywood actor, was abused by his wife. Now divorced, he shares with us how she abused him and why he didn’t leave right away. Everyone is familiar with domestic violence upon a female, but male DV is not widely spoken about. Scott openly discusses the issue and how his life has changed in a positive way.

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Near Death Experience


Nancy Rynes experienced a horrific accident. While on the operating table, she died and experienced out of body travel. What she brought back was amazing and completely changed her life. She now assists others in learning to bring joy and compassion into their lives. Nancy lives what she teaches and brings her awareness and experiences to others who seek a life of emotional and spiritual abundance.

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Healing With Native American Tradition


Healing With Native American Tradition

Hyapatia Lee was traumatized as a young child. Later, after experiencing more trauma, she eventually began acting in X-rated movies. She also earned Actress of the Year in the industry. In wanting to find healing from her prior traumas, she tried therapy and was not finding results. She began working with Native American traditions to assist her own life and healing. Listen to Hyapatia’s story here!
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