Bloodlines of the Universe


Bloodlines of the Universe

Hossca Harrison ( joins us discussing the difference between the mind and the brain and how the brain is very connected to ancestors. How does this interfere with healing anger, judgment, and phobias (to name a few)? How can one work with this? It’s also connected to the Bloodlines of the Universe. Hossca shares with us a few points of what will be taught at the Denver, Colorado Jonah Intensive May 2017. Listen for more fascinating information!

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Healing An Injured Heart


Healing An Injured Heart

Hossca Harrison joins us to discuss an upcoming Jonah Intensive titled, Healing An Injured Heart; A Journey For The Wounded Spirit. Can people have an emotionally injured heart without realizing it? What are the symptoms, how to heal it, and how do we turn an injury into passion? Hossca answers these questions and more in this interview that previews the Jonah Intensive taking place February 3-5th, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. To read more about the Intensive and to sign up, go to
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Soul Contracts and Soul Agreements

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Do we simply decide we have a soul contract or agreement with someone or did our soul agree without our conscious awareness? What does it mean to have either a contract or agreement…or both? Can we have more than one? What happens if we deny it? What happens if we don’t? Hossca Harrison, the only medium for Jonah, shares with us about this topic that will be taught in depth at a seminar/Intensive in September 2016. The Intensive will be in Denver, Colorado and attendees will learn extensively the signs of having made an agreement or contract and how to work with the information in the most beneficial manner and much more. 

“This is your life. This is about the quality of your life.” Jonah
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