Messy Healing


Gary Albert Hughes was living the ‘dream’. He was acting in a lead television role in the United Kingdom, acting in theatre, and performing in a band. But inside, he was a self-described mess. His body was shutting down and his anxiety attacks were getting worse. Gary knew he needed to make a change. After trying conventional medicine, he was referred to an alternative health practitioner who was able to assist him. Now that he’s made great progress, he’s assisting others as well.   

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From Substance Abuse to Athletic Performance


Todd Crandell’s first experience with drugs and alcohol was in his early teen years. His addiction continued to escalate with heroin and cocaine as he grew into an adult. Todd’s family almost gave up on him and after repeated legal trouble, he decided to make a change. Listen to Todd’s story of addiction, recovery, and his nonprofit that has assisted many in their recovery, RacingForRecovery.

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Being Muslim in the United States


Omer Iqbal was born and educated in Pakistan. He moved to the United States just months before 9/11. Here he speaks about the requirements he had to follow under the Bush Administration, being sent back to Pakistan with his wife, and finally his employer, Microsoft, brought him back for his job here. Omer speaks of the core beliefs of Islam, the fear he sees being perpetuated by the media, and answers the question: does Islam promote violence against non-Muslims? Hear his story here!

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